Designed by nature.

The newest DEET-free, natural mosquito repellent proven effective to keep mosquitoes away.

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About Antimos

We take our inspiration from nature. Powered by synergistic biomimetic technology, Antimos uses proprietary blends of plant-derived ingredients in order to repel mosquitoes. We utilize the latest groundbreaking science and have developed a repellent that is DEET-free, natural, and actually works.

Our entire company is committed to manufacturing with earth-friendly practices. Our packaging is entirely made from post-consumer recycled materials processed by renewable energy sources.

Natural meets effective.

It's time for itchless adventures.

Natural meets effective.


I used Antimos on my latest trip to Bali. I went in a group of 10 and at the end of the trip, I was the only one who came out with no mosquito bites. Zero. This stuff actually works.

Brandon R. (Los Angeles)

My kids are mosquito magnets, but I hate spraying chemicals on them. Antimos works great! It's all natural, and it even smells good!

Alex H (Chicago)